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Some Study References


Two years not update, time spent at work, read a Master degree, and get a son!

I will restart writing, here beginning with some valuable links not directly refer in my thesis.

Cloud Storage and Availability

AWS S3 Down. 2017.2.

AWS S3 Down. 2017.9.

阿里云事故. 2018.6.

GCS Down. 2018.7.

Azure Down. 2018.9.

Snapchat down

Google Cloud vs AWS

Cloud Service Map For AWS and Azure

The Limits of the CAP Theorem

Cloud Storage Durability

Object storage vs Block storage services

Data Redundancy and Consistency

Raft Faq


分布式系统的一致性协议之 2PC 和 3PC

Apache Zookeeper vs Etcd3


Building distributed locks with the Dynamodb lock client

Programmability consistency choices

Distribute system consistency protocol

Snitch putting consistency back s3

Erasure Coding

Time Series Forecasting

Algorithms and methods

Time series classification and clustering

ML Pros and Cons

Time series prediction reviews

Time series database

Exp. sharing–in-jingdong-supply-chain-forecasting

19 Nov 2018